Disability Resources and Accommodations

The University of California Academic Personnel Manual provides information about Reasonable Accommodations for Academic Appointees with Disabilities, including a Resource Guide.

The Disability Management Services website provides contact information for UCSC's Disability Management Coordinator. 

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides a variety of accommodations and services to qualified, currently enrolled students, helping them to make the most of their educational experience. Accommodations, services, and support are tailored to each individual’s disability-related needs. Examples of commonly used accommodations and services are:

  • Test accommodations

  • Note-taking accommodations

  • Scribes, readers, and typists

  • Sign language interpreting and real-time captioning

  • Adaptive equipment loans

  • Lab, library, computer, and proofreading assistance

  • Referrals for AD/HD and learning disabilities testing

  • Liaison between students and faculty / staff

  • Transportation accommodation authorizations

  • Advising and support

Students may call 831.459.2089 to schedule an appointment with a service coordinator.

The Disability Accommodations and Resources website provides information about accommodations relating to employment, facilities access, and program access, and includes contact information for UCSC’s Disability Compliance Officer and Coordinators.