How Does the Ombuds Serve the UCSC Campus?

The Office of the Ombuds:

  • Provides confidential, neutral, and informal dispute resolution services for the UC Santa Cruz community.
  • Works to facilitate communication and assist parties in reaching mutually acceptable agreements to find fair and equitable resolutions to concerns.
  • Is available to assist faculty, staff, and students at UC Santa Cruz who seek guidance with the resolution of academic or administrative issues and disputes.
  • Functions independently with respect to case handling and issue management, and reports to the Office of the Chancellor for administrative and budgetary purposes, but not regarding the substance of matters discussed in the Office.
  • Provides services that supplement, but do not replace, other administrative processes and it is part of a larger ecosystem of offices intended to improve equity and access at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Without disclosing confidential communications, the Office also reports general trends, provides feedback throughout the organization, and advocates systems change when appropriate.