Our Services

What Can the Ombuds Do for Me?

The ombudsperson helps individuals resolve issues fairly, and if possible, informally. The ombudsperson has been given broad access to information and resources that can be of assistance in developing options to help people resolve their issues. This includes access to University administrators, faculty and staff, and records.

The Ombuds:

  • Actively listens to and discusses your questions and concerns
  • Helps you to evaluate options and suggests approaches for addressing concerns
  • Serves as a neutral "third party" in conflict resolution
  • Advocates for a fair resolution process

Some possible outcomes of your meeting may include the Ombuds:

  • Coaching and role-playing in order to provide you with some new ways of trying to resolve a problem on your own
  • Providing you with information about policies, procedures, services and programs
  • Facilitating communication between people
  • Referring you to another campus resource
  • Advising you about steps to resolve the problem informally
  • Advising you about formal and administrative options.  Helping you to bring your issues to the attention of those with authority to address your concerns
  • Recommending institutional review or change in policies or procedures that generate conflict
  • Collaborating with other campus offices on issues of general concern

What Will the Ombuds Not Do?

The services of the campus ombudsperson do not compromise or replace policies or procedures established under collective bargaining agreements. In addition, UCSC’s campus ombudsperson does not:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Provide psychological counseling
  • Keep formal records documenting an individual's visit
  • Render judgments or make decisions on issues brought to the office
  • Make decisions for administrators or others
  • Determine "guilt" or "innocence" of those accused of wrong-doing
  • Share information with others without an individual's knowledge or permission
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Assign sanctions or discipline to individuals
  • Participate in formal hearings (grievance, union, or arbitration), processes or lawsuits
  • Advocate for either party in a dispute
  • Accept notice on behalf of the university